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Thank you for visiting our online directory of Christian Ministries in Hampton Roads, Virginia, our Hampton Roads Community Christian Event Calendar, Prayer Wall and Conversations area. See the menu tab called “How to” for instructions on how to use each of these services.

This website is also the main website for 757 Church—a Christian 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building relationships of trust and affection between Christian leaders in Hampton Roads and beyond.

757 Church is led by Bob Fox, a retired pastor who has lived in Hampton Roads since 1986. Besides serving churches of several denominations across America as a pastor for over 35 years, Bob felt called to serve pastors and ministry leaders ever since he was ordained in 1978 in coordinating regional, interdenominational ministry events such as the March for Jesus,  One Night With the King (2016) and Prayer for Ukraine ( 2022). Now that he has retired from working as a pastor in churches, he is expanding his services to Hampton Roads Christian leaders. This website is one of those services.

757 Church services include:

  • A free newsletter called Partners that Bob has published since 1992 with strategic news and resources for Christian leaders and the Christian community. There are Hampton Roads, National and International editions to choose from. You can subscribe here. Previous editions are here.
  • A blog with many helpful articles and hundreds of Bob’s sermons in video form that are easily searchable by topic.
  • Bob & his wife Beth pray with people for healing, do marriage counseling and deliverance ministry from demonic oppression. They have a lot of experience in helping people discover lies they believe about themselves and then hear the truth from the Lord that sets them free from those lies.
  • Bob feels called to help prepare Hampton Roads churches for another Great Awakening by appealing to the Church for increased repentance for the sins of the present and those of our founding fathers here in Hampton Roads in the Jamestown Colony of 1607.
  • He has written two books about how to claim the powerful promises of Leviticus 26:39-42 and II Chronicles 7:14 so that God will heal our land.
    • Healing America’s Soul is a Christian history book about the Jamestown Colony that describes the roots of most of America’s major sins found in that colony.
    • You will discover many facts about the colony that started America that you never knew before. For instance, have you ever heard of Paquiquino? He should be one of our most famous Native Americans.
    • The purpose of the book is to help us confess the sins of our Christian forefathers in the Jamestown colony so God will “remember the land.”
    • Angel 24 is a novel based on that history book. It tells about the founding of the Jamestown colony from the viewpoint of angels and demons.
    • Angel 24 is the story of Scion, a powerful angel who was emotionally damaged in the Great Rebellion in heaven. Now, he has been assigned to protect the Jamestown Colony from the wicked schemes of his former best friend! 
    • Kids and adults will enjoy it. But the theme is the same as the history book: the power of repentance to save a person, a colony or a nation.


Theological Boundaries

In order to protect those who will use our site to find Christian ministries, we reserve the right to edit or delete any listing we feel is not in line with the historic Christian creeds— like the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed and the Lausanne Covenant

In addition, we are also committed to the doctrines of biblical sexuality that Jews and Christians have taught for 3000 years. Therefore, 757.church cannot serve or promote denominations, churches and ministries that have decided to break with that established biblical doctrine by teaching that the practice of homosexuality is not a sin.

We deeply regret having to take this stand, but God is very clear in the Bible that false teaching must be opposed to protect Jesus’s followers.

Help Us!

757 Church has worked for years to produce this site as a gift to all the people of Hampton Roads. We want to help you find good, Christan resources to meet your needs. Please let us know how we can make it better by contacting us via the Contact Form in the top menu.

Finally, please encourage your church and friends to use it and to sign up for Partners so we build a stronger family of believers in Hampton Roads who actually know, love and serve one another!

For His greater glory!

The 757 Team