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Two other Christian online directories in Hampton Roads do a better job than we do in these two categories:

The Shepherd’s Guide is an excellent place to advertise Christian businesses thanks to Pastor Tim Lambert’s years of building this service!  Thanks also to Pastor Ray Boetcher who spent years building The Shepherd’s Guide before Pastor Tim took it over.

Trudy’s Rauch’s Abba List is the best Hampton Roads directory for getting help with physical needs like food, clothing and shelter. 

Our Focus: Spiritual Needs
We list over 1300 churches, evangelism, prayer and healing ministries, and many hard-to find-ministries. We also list resources for special needs groups like military vets, the elderly and people with handicaps.

We encourage you to create your own listing for your Christian ministries. It can be a business, but it must have a Christian ministry focus.

Two Topics:

How to Search for a Ministry

How to Create a Ministry Listing for Your Ministry

How To Search: Three Ways

Fastest Way: Type in the “What” box the kind of ministry you are looking for. For example, type “Child Evangelism” and hit enter. That will show you only those ministries whose main purpose is to introduce children to the Lord.  if needed, try different words to find the right ministry.

Larger Search: Hit one of the five category names in the blue boxes. Using evangelism again as an example, hitting the Evangelism box will show you all the ministries that do all kinds of evangelism. From that page you can select a sub-category in the list of boxes like “child evangelism” and you will get the same results as method #1.

Name Search: Just type in the name of the ministry if you know it.

Create Your Own Directory Listing

Sign up for a user account. Always free. Then log in and hit the “Add Listing” button on the top right menu.

Category: Please choose just ONE category.

Church = churches

Evangelism = Any non-church ministry whose primary purpose is to share the Gospel in Hampton Roads or in missions work around the world.

Healing = Any non-church ministry that specializes in helping meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of people through prayer, counseling or by practical helps. Hit the blue category button to see examples. 

Prayer = All non-church ministries whose primary purpose to worship and prayer.

Training = All non-church ministries whose primary purpose is to teach and train others.

Keywords/Tags: VERY IMPORTANT! People can find you by any of these words you enter in that block. Be very specific about what you do. These words help them pick you out of a larger group. Use as many as you need to define your ministry’s skills and focus clearly. 

SAVE & PREVIEW: Hit that big green button or you will lose all your entries. 🙂